Creating Hope in a Hopeless Place

Choosing an appropriate career path can be one of the hardest decisions for people to make. As children, we are influenced by many things like parents, childhood toys/characters, and both negative and positive moments. It is finding that career inspiration and passion that seems to be the issue especially when you grow up exposed to so many cultural, economic, and social differences. Although many people choose traditional or popular career paths, I chose to follow my passion to explore other culture and be a vessel of benevolence and hope to less developed countries.

Throughout my life I have always been exposed to other cultured given my mother and father were in the military, so we were fortunate enough to live in Puerto Rico for a year. In addition to that experience, my mother worked for Wikipedia. These two experiences not only exposed me to a new culture at a young age, but also provided me with the basis for my career. I want to own a non-profit international business. The concept alone seems simple but my service idea provides great complexity to the idea.

The company is divided into sectors, developed/developing/underdeveloped countries. These sectors portray not only an economic divide but technology, agriculture, and various other factors of global economics. My idea is to help the underdeveloped countries provide a greater contribution to the global economy. For example, Haiti, a country plagued by poor living conditions due to hurricanes and poor agricultural resources. If a place like Haiti could decrease the threat of hurricanes and become self-sustainable it would help other countries that provide foreign aid during natural disasters to domesticate those resources instead. One idea I have is the creation of hurricane shelters. I believe the shelters would be huge impact because during the hurricane season the population could centralize around these shelters to decrease the death toll that we here in the U.S. see on T.V.

Haiti’s geographic location exposes it to many natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami’s, and hurricanes. When the island is hit by these natural disasters, developing countries and non-profit organizations rally together to provide aid. Instead of pumping money into an endless cycle I believe it would be better to assist in them with becoming self-sustainable.

My company would not be limited to foreign aid. I would like to begin my mission of assistance domestically through my passion for cooking, sports and culture. I would like my company to be as diverse as my personality. For instance, 2016 the Unites States witnessed civil unjust rise to its peak as it did decades ago. The issue of discrimination and inequality will always exist if people continue to see physical differences as a primary indicator of someone’s intelligence, moral values, economic status, and various other aspects that make-up a person’s characteristics. I want to promote progression through unbiased community service. Being able to see the faults on both sides of the spectrum is what we need in this world because the racial tension in our society today is not a black problem, it is a problem.

I would like to use food as a tool for the expression of equality. This can be done by introducing various cuisines to people of all ages because the problem does not exist among a single demographic. No matter where we go in the world food is an indicator and vessel of culture even in LDC’s that lack the economic and agricultural structure of developed countries.

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